Download Viber Messenger for Alcatel

Download Viber Messenger for Alcatel

Download Viber for Alcatel Android smartphones. Out of all its features, Viber Out is unique in the sense that users can call their friends or relatives who are not using viber. Viber Out allows calling landline and mobile numbers. This feature was specifically designed and added to viber to help the affectees of Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines to help them find and reunite with their lost loved ones. Among one of Viber’s recent incredible feature is the viber public accounts feature. These public accounts are added with the sole purpose of fulfilling the customer service needs of viber users.

These Public accounts are owned by brands, Organizations and Businesses. The general public can conveniently send their queries directly to these brands and businesses. Viber Messenger in this context has taken the lead and has provided to its users the ultimate ease because contacting brands through viber public accounts now seems like sending messages to any of your personal Viber contacts.

In Viber 6.0 version, the end to end encryption has been introduced to enhance safety of the data shared by Viber users. The feature also enhanced the deletion of messages. Viber users can delete messages permanently as per their choice now. In a latest development from Viber Company, viber has launched an updated version of the app for windows 10 which allows video calls and voice calls with enhanced Quality on tablets and desktops. The design and interface is an interactive one and can be used on any device with windows 10. Viber constantly keeps updating its features with newer versions providing simplicity of usage and convenience to its users.


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