Virtual Reality comes into the Idol 5

Virtual Reality comes into the Idol 5

Yeah, the Idol 5 is when paired with Alcatel’s UNI360 VR headset, it automatically launches Virtual Reality Home. Virtual Reality is an interface where we can watch video at 360-degree and also play games over it. This Content is actually provided with a partnership of Littlstar, but we can run any kind of Virtual Reality application available in Google Play.

UNI360 is itself a typical headset, but there are few features that make it unique. Firstly, it is compatible to all phones that are between 5-6 inches, even including iPhones. Secondly, it has feature of pass-through camera which when connected to Idol 5 allows you to keep it strapped to  head, and we can use rear camera of the handset to find our way around.

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