Download WhatsApp Messenger for Alcatel

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Alcatel

Download WhatsApp for Alcatel smartphones. Whatsapp Messenger is a messenger service that once ran through a yearly subscription service.  It was only until recently, when the application became free to use. Whats-app was bought by Facebook; however, it has been kept separate from their Messenger app. Whatsapp is a nice cross platform application that also has desktop clients to run with it to send and receive messages from computers.

It works as you would expect a messaging app to work, allowing users to send messages, photos, and videos between one or up to 256 people on a group. It works differently than SMS messaging because like other messaging apps, it uses your Wi-Fi or mobile data to send messages instantly. Whatsapp also allows users to make phone calls between users over data, but be careful of having lengthy calls over your mobile data because it will drive up your usage.

Whatsapp also hold privacy to a high standard, so they enabled end-to-end encryption between conversations so only participants can read the messages. The application also allows users to send voice messages and documents between users so if you do not want to type out a message you can just speak to the other person in the conversation.  The document sharing makes it ideal for coworkers or students collaborating on a project so they can easily share information back and forth.

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